HISTORY - Flashbacks

The Derbywinner 2015 - Glen Ord Superb

A new area for the Superb Horses

From having up to 15 foals in 2017, which four were our own, we will now move on to hobby level. We have had 2-3 own foals a year for the last 10 years.

Of course, when we make up status after the last years of full operation, the year 2015 is one of the best years.  We were breeders of the Norwegian Derby winner, Glen Ord Superb, and in addition the winner of Derby for the fillies/mares grew up at our farm.

This past years has been good for us as breeders. Nine horses from our breeding were active in 2017. This gave a victory percentage of 19% and triple percentage of 39%. We are happy with that. This gives an average of about 108,000 NOK per horse. The result is probably ok when no one had a flap in the bigger young horse races.

Noble Superb - Bergen 3-årsfestival 2018

In 2018 we had only one 3 years old breeding - Noble Superb. He earned 820.000 NOK - 4 wins and 4 among the three in 8 races.

He was the winner of Bergen 3 years Festival and number 3 in the Kriterium  and also in Märtha Louise at Biri.

Looking Superb won Prix Tenor de Baune at Vincennes and was qualified for Prix d'Amerique 2019.

2019 started with the big event in the end of January: 
Looking Superb was close to win Prix d'Amerique! He got second, with the same time as the winner! Beaten were Readly Express, Propulsion and Bold Eagle!

Looking Superb won even one more group 1 race - Prix de l'Atlantique. He ended up earning 4.813.309 NOK in 2019.

Noble Superb also did it well this year. He started up winning at Forus, Stavanger-løpet - 200.000,- NOK. The next was Jarlsberg Grand Prix where he won the qualification and got second in the final. In Derby he won his qualification and ended 3rd in the final (he stuck behind the winner with much effort!)
He also did a top race in the UET-Derby in Finland.
His earning this year ended up with 1.233.063 NOK

Total earnings for our starting horses in 2019 (10 horses, 115 starts)  were 6.350.852 NOK.

We hope for the future that the Superb horses will assert themselves and develop further. Maybe there will be new horses that can join classic races.